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Tummy Tuck

It is an operation performed due to cracking and sagging in the abdominal region. Multiple pregnancies are frequently applied after weight loss and especially after rapid weight loss in recent years. If men have a sagging condition, a tummy tuck surgery will be appropriate. The aim is to enable the region to recover in accordance with the body structure by surgical intervention. Birth marks made in the past will be revised by this surgery.

This operation is done to get rid of the stretch marks and sag in the belly. This operation has been done frequently recently, due to pregnancy more than one time, gaining and losing weight, especially with losing weight fast. This case doesn’t only happen with women but with men as well. The aim of this surgery is to make the belly shape fits the body. Any stretch marks caused by pregnancy will be revised during this operation.

When can i have this operation after giving birth? This question can be one of the top FAQs. During pregnancy the womb hosts the baby for 9 months, so it is not likely to have an operation just after giving birth, it is better to leave your body recover by itself and after one year you can think about having an operation. This operation is done under general anesthetic as the belly muscles are tightened, extra fats and skin are cut and you will notice the vanishing of stretch marks under your belly button with this operation.

You will feel pain after the operation but you will take some pain killers which will make you feel better. You should rest at home for a whole week after the operation and after that you can go back to your work and your daily life. You will take a special corset to wear for 4 weeks. You will be asked to lean a little forward while walking, and after one week you can walk normally. If you are thinking about having Mastopexy, breast augmentation or reduction it is gonna be an advantage to have it with the tummy tuck operation. You will feel blessed when you look at the mirror after your recovery and regret not having this operation long time ago.