Ana sayfa » Rhinoplasty



Rhinoplasty which means nose job is the most sophisticated plastic surgery, in my opinion. İt’s performed by the help of some delicate insicions in the under skin cartilage which gives the nose its shape and the form of the bone of the skeleton form to give the nose its needed shape.

The patient should bear in mind that we won’t construct a brand new nose instead we will only make the needed changes in his\her old nose. Which means that the patient shouldn’t expect a new retrousee nose or a small one, but more retrousee or a smaller nose according to his\her old nose.

The rhinoplasty operation is carried out with two techniques the open and the closed rhinoplasty.

İn the open technique we make incision in nose tip in this way we can see the whole skeleton of the nose, this technique is so popular globally. İ myself carry out 80% of my operations using this technique. The other technique is the closed nose technique, in this case the incision is made inside the nose without seeing the nose skeleton. There are advantages for every technique. What you should consider is not which one is better but which one is more suitable for your case.


We are talking here about “No tampon operation”, in my opinion it’s not according to the doctor’s style but it’s totally according to the patient’s case. İn the (DNS) case or AKA “Nasal Septum Deviation” we use tampon as we make cut in the septum but other than that we don’t need to use the tampon. İ take the tempon out from my patient’s nose after 3 days of the operation. Taking the tempon out is not painful at all as rumors say on the contrary it is so smooth and easy thing if it is done with caution by a Professional.


İ perform the rhinoplasty surgeries inside an operation room and under general anesthesia. İ make my patients rest in the hospital for a whole night after the operation and they feel free to go the following day. İ take out the tampon after 3 days from the operation if i put it and after one week i take the splint out. Normally we find bruises and swelling in the face of the patient (swelling lasts from 2 to 5 days but we do not always witness bruises) after 7-10 days all the brusies and swelling should vanish. After 1 month of the operation the swelling in most of areas starts to decrease, but you can see the final results after 9 months.

Warnings and precautions: you shouldn’t use any aspirine or any blood thinners, vitamine E or Ginko biloba or supplementary medication. You should balance your blood pressure. After the operation, the patient should be lied over his back with his head a bit up. Doing any practies that can harm the eye is not allowed. After taking the first splints out,it is so normal that you will find a totally different nose from the expectation, a beautiful nose after the operation can be a bad sign , which means that the swelling must happen.