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Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation; is one of the surgeries that makes patients extremely happy as it lasts for a short time, they get good results fast, patients recover so soon and so easy from a surgical perspective. It is also the most popular plastic surgery.

There are some questions related to this surgery

Where do we place the implant?

It’s basically placed in three places:

  1. In breast fold (inframammary incision)
  2. Around nipple(periareoral incision)
  3. Under the arm (transaxillary incision)


  1. In breast fold (inframammary incision): one of the most suggested approach. It’s so safe as we don’t touch the breast’s tissues while placing the implant. Only a 4 cmetric scar remains in the breast fold and it decreases with time without even be noticed.


  1. Around nipple(periareoral incision); the post surgical scar is barely seen but during the operation a part of the mammalary gland and its channels is being cut. İ use this approach with patients with a little slaggy breast as i prefere to do breast lifting using the same scar.


3.Under the arm (transaxillary incision); it leaves such a small unnoticed scar underarm yet the patient can’t hide this scar by wearing t-shirts, to place the silicon implants we have to keep the tissues a little away from its original place plus this approach is not suitable for all the breast kinds. İ do not prefere this approach because of its disadvanteges.


Shall we place the implant under or upper the muscele?

There are 4 places to put the silicon implant in:

1- submammary

2- subfascial

3- submuscular

4- dual plane

The submammary or subfascial implant: are considered to be ideal techniques as they keep the breast in its original place. the only consideration that needed to be taken is the breast tissues effeciency.

Submascular implant: this is the preferred technique with patients who don’t have enough tissues to cover the silicon implant and have sagging skin.

For the dual plane implant we place half of the implant under the muscle and the other half under the breast, by this way we ensure a smooth entry for the upper part and the other part placed in its original spot. For these properties this technique is more preferred.


To sum up; the answers of the question depends on the patient’s breast form not on the doctor. So, when i find enough tissues to cover the silicon implant i place it over the muscle, if not, i place it under the muscle so that to ensure a layer between skin and the implantso that the patient wouldn’t feel the implant.

Should the implant be round or teardrop shapped?

This is the patient’s choice; in case she wants the upper part of the breast to look chubby we put the round shape, but if she wants it to have a natural look we prefere the teardrop shape.


How big the implant should be?

This answer is totally up to you, as the big implant for someone can be small for the others. That’s why the best solution is to try different sizes as a test and then take the best suitable decision.

Post-op; you will be asked to sleep straightly. You will wear a special bra. Some cases may need masaj and they start it on the 15th day.

The patient of the Breast augmentation and implant operation can go back to normal life after 5 to 7 days from the operation.