The most important indicator of an attractive and youthful face is its oval shape. İn other words, the inverted triangle face shape.

“Bichectomy” is the medical term for contouring and thinning the bichat bags by removing excess fat pads from under cheeks giving the face that inverted triangle shape.

This procedure is taking place without touching the outside of the face only by making a 1 cm incision in the inside of the cheeks then taking out excess fat pads. This operation lasts around 30 minutes and can be done under local anesthetic, recovery time is very comfortable. Patient can go home after a couple of hours under medical observation.

The removed fat pads during the operation, are those which we gain during our childhood as a result of suckle which keep our cheeks from caving in and give our face that round shape afterwards. As a result of this easy operation, having an oval face is highly guaranteed.

Postoperative is fast: having liquid diet on the day of the operation. Gargling will be enough for 3 days. The medical stitches that cover the inside incision will melt in three days by themselves and fall down.
you will need only 3 weeks to get the operation final results.
The face reduction patient’s face is being examined by checking the masseter botox area.