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liposuction operations


The first and most important thing you need to know about this operation is that it is not about making you lose any weight it is about body reshaping. It is super effective with areal fats that are not affected by diets or sports in waist, and mens’ breasts.

With some cases 6 months after having liposuction operation patients have tummy tuck, while some patients have both operations at the same time. Your suitability for the operation is determined after the physichal examination .

”Will the fats come back again?”, this question is one of the FAQs. The fat cells that are taken from any area never come back again, but e.g if you have 5 fat cells and 3 were removed, the remaining 2 cells will grow wider when you gain weight but they will not multiply. That’s why liposuction hinders fat increasing but doesn’t avoid gaining weight. Liposuction surgery causes to decrease fat cells thats why it causes widespread storage of fat in the body.

the after op. Given medication will comfort your pain. The patient go back to normal life after 3 days from having this operation, you can also take a rest for a week till you feel better. You can see the final results after 6 months of the operation. You will have to wear corset for 4 weeks after the operation.