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Hair Transplant

The famouse hair transplant is actually an operation. The hair fall which happens in the front and crown areas of the head can happen because of hormonal weekness. The back of the head on the contrary has stronger follicles. The main consept of hair transplant is transferring strong follicles from the back of the head to the front and crown area.

This operation is like any other operations consists of some stages to ensure the complete success and the desired results.

1- extracting hair follicles: hair follicles consist of roots covered with connective tissues.

The whole follicle should be extracted during this process as any loss of any part means that the follicle will die and won’t be transplanted.

2- preserving hair follicles: the extracted follicles should be put in a special solution and in appropriate conditions. The follicles with no roots and damaged ones are being profissionally separated.

3- opening natural and formal channels: opening channels towards hair direction is a must. İn case a channel is opened in the wrong direction hair will grow in the same direction and it won’t seem natural, so this step is so important.


4– transplanting the new follicles in empty spots without harming them: hair follicles are so delicate. Hair follicle can be permanetly damaged in case of any try to enforce or push it strongly. The result won’t be satisfying.


The conditions of a successful hair transplant operation

1- good planning: the shape of the hair in a grown man is shaped as a reversed triangle. This line is determined according to the age of the patient and suitability of it with the general look, so drawing a childish line for a grown up person will be a complete disaster. The most important thing is drawing a line according to every patient.

2- wise distribution: we have to distribute new hairs wisely. İf we transplant few of the hair in the front line and transplant more on the back side it won’t be a good idea.

3- the best choice: we have three kinds of follicles; single, double and triple follicles. We should transplant them in the best way.

4- know your aime: we can not cover a wide spot with such few hairs. We should take right steps according to the quantity of follicles we have.

5- choosing the right technique: transplanting hair by hair technique “FUE technique”. This technique is like a gold standart. But now there is a new technique which can be applied called “perkutan technique”, which doesn’t require any cuts in the head instead a needle is used to put hairs in the aimed area.

6- fast: it maybe the most important factor. With a Professional and talented team they can extract the follicles and transplant them without causing any harm.


1- we should stop any blood thinner medications(aspirin, coumadin, vitamine E, alcohol and Ginko biloba) a week before the operation.

2-for diabetics, they should control their blood sugar a week before the operation.

3- for those who suffer from hypertension, they should keep their blood pressure in normal levels.

4- smoking decreases success precentage.

5- you can move on with your prescribed medications before and after the operation.

6- you are given some medications for your skin and hair to improve them.

7- the transplanted hairs fall down after one month of the operation, they don’t grow till the third month, after 9 months you can notice a growth and after one year you can witness the final results.


who can perform a hair transplant?

Unfortunately, in our country there are few surgeons who perform this transplant and almost all the people who preform this are not professionals. Nowadays the only person who can perform this transplant is a plastic surgeon. Ministry of health gives a certificate with that certificate practioners can perform these transplant operations legally.