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Filler Applications

Using Filler is the best way to fıght lack of the volume that is related to loosen and slimming skin, that is how we can have a streched and more stunning skin. Spots we apply filler on are; lips, cheeks, zygomaticus bones, forehead, nose, chin, neck, breast, hunch and hands etc. The active substance in the filler is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found inside our bodies. This subistance thanks to today’s technology has been improved experimentally in order to make our body accept it. there are a lot of different kinds of Hyluronic Acid in the market that differes in the quality proportionally according to the long chains and the numbers of cross links. The smart people will tend to buy the product with high quality and which lasts longer. Nowadays, especially in Turkey we have around 10 different filler materials. Filler injection is like a piece of cake. It is applied so fast and easy. Some injections have local anesthetic already with their ingredients. That is why you won’t even need any pre anesthetic.

Applying spots:

Nasolabial folds lines: one of the most popular usage of the filler. The lines that are formed on the two sides of the mouth can cause discomfort for a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind is filler. These lines can look more stunning and smoother after filler injection.

Lips: filler is a good choice when more distinctive and thick lips are desired. The lips injection is more delicate. İt gives lips such a natural look.

Zygomaticus bones: the chubby cheeks with no doubt are one of youth and beauty proofs. With filler you can have them in the blink of an eye. İf you need more volume in your cheeks we can apply facial lipo-injection.


The forehead: there are horizontal lines along the forehead till the hair lines and vertical lines between eyebrows. İnjecting these lines with filler makes us look younger and gives us a smoother touch.

The nose: the recently launched non operational treatment fort he nose is only filler. The deep Groove up the nose can make it seem like archy. İn this case we can fill this Groove with filler instead of minimizing it. this process can benefit those who are afraid of surgeries.


The hand: the hands change over years. Skin becomes more rough, connective tissues weaken so as the under skin hand bones. That is why the wrinkles form. But with filler we can treat these time Marks.