Ana sayfa » Dermapen


Dermapen is a treatment that can only be applied during winter months, as in dermaroller applications.

People are exposed to the sun and sunscreen creams are made every 3 hours during the day with the rule to repeat. It is applied to skin types that have lost vitality, skin that has lost elasticity, skin that has sun damage.

How Is Dermapen Applied?

The Dermapen process is a deep warning given to the skin, which leads to a slight bleeding, but this application is perceived as a stimulant, triggering the production of collogenin and cell regeneration, allowing the skin to tighten and gain vitality. By opening micro channels, the bottom layer of the skin is provided with peptide vitamin and collogen-containing serums, which support the skin needs.

Who Is Dermapen Stain Treatment?

Dermapen application has not yet become permanent in the summer spots formed during pregnancy stains caused by the products used in a large extent to treat the application.

How Is Dermapen Stain Treatment Applied?

Dermapen stain treatments are applied with stain removal products based on local working method.

Skin peeling process can take about 2 weeks after the procedure this process also sun protection factor products should be repeated at least 3 times a day.