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Chemical Peeling

Since the spot treatments made with chemical peeling are an aggressive process, they are applied only to the heavily stained skin in winter. This treatment, in which we get quite good results especially in newly formed sun spots, also gives effective results in spots during pregnancy.

How is Chemical Peeling Applied?

Chemical peeling spot treatment is a treatment method that does not cause bleeding but can cause excess redness. Immediately after the application, the skin starts to redden and there is a possibility that this redness increases.

Treatment intervals range from 10 to 15 to be repeated at least 3 times. Moisturizer and serums that support the skin are also recommended for home use, and the product with sun protection factor should be used absolute provided that it is renewed at least 3 times in daily use.

Who is Chemical Peeling Skin Rejuvenation Applied to?

The process of skin renewal with chemical peeling is a method of revealing the more vivid layer by peeling the dead layer of the skin. At the same time, with the increase of blood circulation, the nourished skin gets a more dynamic appearance.

After the chemical peeling process is applied, petite-containing products and hyaluronic acid are applied to the skin, so that the skin gains a radiant appearance and its vitality is reduced partially. This process can be repeated at least 3 times or combined with a different anti-aging process. Absolute sunscreen should be used in daily life.

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