Ana sayfa » Blepharoplasty


It is said that “the eye cannot lie”, sometimes we smile but still see sadness in or eyes. We often see the eyelid seems sleepy even if it is not, but after doing the operation, nobody will even notice.

The worst thing about a droopy eyelid is giving the wrong feeling like sleeping or tiredness. But with “blepharoplasty” or the plastic surgery of the eyelid you can git rid of months and years of tiredness in only 40 minutes under local anesthesia. This operation can be done after your 30th birthday.

This operation is done with removing excess skin, muscles and fats. The patients are kept under observation for 1 to 2 hours after the operation and after that they are free to go home. The patient will only need a normal pain killer to relieve the pain. You can apply icepack over your eyes. The bandages don’t close the eye and they are taken off by the doctor after 5 days. The swelling and praises that happen after the operation vanish after one week of the operation.

The patient shouldn’t be exposed to strong sunlight or artificial light, the patient shouldn’t read as well for 2 days after the operation. This plastic surgery that only lasts for 40 minutes and you recover from it in two weeks can keep the beauty of your eyes for years after.